Molecule 50006 “Travelstar” Green 3/4 cargo pants

$34.00 USD

  • classic cut
  • 8 convenient pockets (+ 1 mini)
  • high quality processing
  • 100% solid cotton
  • durable firm seams


Travelstar Green – 3/4 Cargo Pants / Cargo Trousers

Molecule Travelstar Green – 50006

The 3/4 or calf length Molecule Travelstar 50006 is another very popular model, here in safari green. It has got a rather classic cut, but still a bit baggy, like cargo pants are supposed to be.

9 pockets in total:

  •     2 front pockets + 1 mini pocket
  •     2 pockets on the back with flaps and buttons
  •     2 deep side pockets with zippers
  •     2 big cargo pockets beneath, also with flaps and buttons


Additional features:

Molecule Travelstar Green 50006 - 3/4 cargo pants - Please check the given dimensions!

A convenient waistband-lace on the inside helps to easily adjust the pants to one’s personal belly circumference – you actually don’t need a belt.

The legs ends also have laces, so you can tighten the pant’s legs, ether to fit in high boots or prevent small animals or insects crawling up your legs.

Like most Molecule pants, these safari green trousers have big cargo pockets. The material / fabric is a durable 100% heavy cotton, solid and soundly processed.



Sizes / measurements:

Standard sizes like S, M, L, XL can vary around the world! Please use our given dimensions to check and compare the sizes before your order.

(Best take a fitting pair of pants from your wardrobe, lay it flat on the floor and compare…)

Model names:

Other distributors named this model “ultimate dockside cargo pants”, “kickflips” or else. The original Molecule manufacturer in Bangkok just gave it a 5-digit number: 50006, so if you compare or look for models / prices on different websites, just look for the number, not the names.

Molecule cargo pants in general:

All Molecule pants are fit for washing machine (60°) and tumble dry (low) friendly. The fabric decreases itself when wearing, so warm ironing is possible but not necessary.

Molecule cargo pants / cargo trousers are high quality pants made of solid cotton fabric with firm seams. The many pockets offer lots of space for many different things or tools. This makes these reliable pants particularly popular amongst travelers, adventurers, people who do heavy work, work with tools, outside or underway, on festivals, holiday, camping, safari, …


Molecule – Cool Fusion Clothing since 1998 made in Thailand

Molecule Cargo Pants

Molecule 50006 TRAVELSTAR BLACK 3/4 cargo pants
Travelstar BLACK
Molecule 50006 TRAVELSTAR GREEN 3/4 cargo pants
Travelstar GREEN
Molecule 50006 TRAVELSTAR GRAY 3/4 cargo pants
Travelstar GRAY

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 480 in


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