Terms and Conditions (GTC) of


§1 Scope, definitions of terms, defense clause, general notes

1) The following terms and conditions apply to the business relationship between the operator of the online shop “moleculecargopants.com” (hereinafter called “Provider”) and its customers (hereinafter called Customer”) in the current version at the time of order.

2) The terms and conditions can be found on our website at any time and then be read, printed or saved on a local computer.

§2 Conclusion of contract

1) The following provisions on the conclusion of the contract apply to orders in our online shop “moleculecargopants.com”.

2) In case of conclusion, the contract with moleculecargopants.com (Molecule Chiang Mai / Thailand) is concluded.

3) The presentation of goods on moleculecargopants.com does not bind the seller to conclude a sales contract but offers only a non-binding possibility to order goods.

4) Upon receipt of a completed order in our online shop is effective: The customer makes a binding contract offer.

A completed order comes about as follows:

a) The customer can make a binding order as guest (without registration) or as registered customer. In both cases, he must give accurate personal information for the proper processing of the order and its shipping.

b) Goods can first be placed in the cart without obligation and can be ordered afterwards.

c) Before ordering, selected goods can be collected in the cart, the order quantity can be changed, new products can be added, and goods already contained can be removed.

d) By sending the order the customer agrees to these terms and conditions and makes a binding offer for him to conclude a purchase contract according to the items in the basket and on the terms specified therein. During the checkout process, the customer will also be asked to accept the Terms and Conditions. Without this active recognition the ordering process can not be completed.

e) After submitting the order, the customer immediately receives a confirmation email created automatically. This does not constitute binding acceptance of the purchase contract by the provider.

f) A binding purchase contract for the seller only comes through a personal and explicit declaration of acceptance of the offer by the seller in the form of another email.

Before dispatching the binding order, the customer may at any time access already made information through the “Back” button integrated in the shop or the “Back” button of the Internet browser and if necessary amend or correct input errors or cancel the order process by closing the Internet browser.

5) The data of the purchase offer is stored by the provider. As a registered customer you can review your past orders in our customer area under “My Account” -> “orders” at any time. You can also view our terms and conditions at any time on our pages (left, penultimate block under “Conditions …”).

§3 Prices and shipping costs

1) All product prices are end-prices. We don’t charge any additional fees during the checkout. A sales tax is not collected by the seller due to the small business status.

2) All prices of products on “moleculecargopants.com” already contain the costs of packing, handling excluding the shipping costs which will be added in the cart and/or during checkout.

3) Taxes and other costs, such as any import duties which are not charged by the provider (moleculecargopants.com) are the sole responsibility of the customer / recipient.

4) More information can be found on our info page “Shipping & Returns”. The links to our information pages are in the light gray box on the right hand side.

§4 Terms of payment / maturity

1) The customer has only one option of paying via Paypal during the order/payment process (within the customer’s PayPal account or credit card). PayPal though offers a way to pay with credit card without having a PayPal account.

2) The customer may only offset through undisputed or legally established claims.

3) A so called right of retention can only be exercised by the customer if its counterclaim is based on the same contractual relationship.

§5 Reservation of Ownership

Goods, whether already delivered or not, remain owned by the provider until the full receipt of the respective accounts owned by the provider.

§6 Product Availability and Delivery

1) Usually all of our products are available in stock and ready to ship within one day, unless specified otherwise in the description of a product.

2) The provider does not guarantee a reservation of the ordered goods until full payment is received. Should any goods be no longer in stock until the full payment is received, the customer will be informed. The customer then has the right to change the order or demand the refund of the full payment.

3) After the receipt of money or the positively confirmed Paypal payment, the product will be promptly shipped, which means when possible on the next business day. The customer will receive a shipping confirmation with the appropriate shipping details and tracking number.

4) If molecule-pants.com in exceptional cases might not be able to send ordered goods despite declaration of acceptance of the offer, the provider is entitled to to resign from the purchase contract. If this is the case, the customer will be informed immediately and promtly refunded any payments already made. Further claims of the customer are excluded.

5) If, after receipt of the full payment a timely delivery of the goods ( within the next 5 business days) should not be possible, the provider will inform the customer about it. The customer then has the right to withdraw from the purchase of the respective product(s) up to the date of actual shipment of the goods.

6) For delays in delivery despite timely shipping, beyond the provider’s leverage, moleculecargopants.com takes no responsibility. This particularly concerns shipping to Canada, where the Canadian Post seems to deliberately delay parcels from Asia (average shipping time seems to be about 1-3 months). We take no responsibility for those delays, but we certainly do anything we can to help and accelerate the process (like filing an inquiry / investigation, etc.).

§7 Cancellation Policy

We operate our online shop in Thailand, which involves, among other things, much higher shipping costs for the provider. Therefore some formulations inevitably differ from the US or EU law.

1) Right of revocation

a) The customer may revoke his contractual declaration within 2 weeks after receipt of the goods or the first partial delivery in writing (email) without giving reasons. A timely mailing of the revocation is sufficient in order to preserve the revocable period.

b) In case of a proposed revocation it is requested to previously inform the seller by email via the contact form. The provider will then send a confirmation and an explanation of how to proceed to the customer. The revocation must be sent to: info@moleculecargopants.com

2) Consequences of Cancellation

In case of an effective cancellation, the following applies:

a) If the reason for revocation lies in a fault of the provider (eg the goods received does not correspond to the order) the originally ordered goods will be sent to the customer again without further costs. If the shipment of the respective goods is no longer possible, the customer is refunded the full purchase price after examination of the facts. A return of the goods to the supplier is only requested with the consent of the provider. If the provider approves and requests a return of the goods, the costs incurred for returning will be paid by the provider in full.

b) If the delivered goods correspond to the order and an effective revocation is still carried out (for example because the goods have been ordered by mistake, references were not perceived in the description of the goods, the goods do not meet the expectations of the customer or has not picked them up on time at the post office or customs), the return of goods is at the expense and risk of the customer. After the goods have been returned and were received by the provider again, the provider will refund only the real value of the goods as set forth on the Customs Declaration.

c) If the returned goods do not arrive in full or in a deteriorated condition, the customer must make a corresponding compensation. This excludes signs of use and tear or deterioration, which simply refers to an adequate product testing (such as fitting). Adequate product testing and trying on the current item is meant as it would also be possible and customary in a retail store.

d) Obligations to reimburse payments must be fulfilled within 30 days. The period begins for the customer with the sending of the revocation or the goods, for the provider with the receipt.

End of cancellation policy

§8 Screen Display

1) The images that are used to describe the goods are sample photos. They do show the real product but might not represent in every case the article true to life.

2) Depending on the used screen and display settings, especially colors and sizes may appear differently.

§9 Data privacy and protection

1) Quantity-on-hand and usage data of the Customer will only be collected, processed or used, to the extent necessary for the execution of the contract.

2) More information can be found in the Privacy Policy.

§10 Copyright

The images, graphics and descriptions of individual contributions used on the website are protected by copyright. Any reproduction or use is not permitted without the explicid permission of moleculecargopants.com.

§11 Severability Clause

If any provision of these terms and conditions is invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby.

State of the Terms: 12.12.2019