Packing, shipping costs, shipping/delivery, customs, Returns

Please be aware:

Due to the worldwide CorVid-19 pandemic and the resulting excessive burden on the postal companies and delivery services, severe delays in both Thailand and the destination country are to be expected.

We have no influence on this and hope for your understanding.


1. We do pack all our goods neatly and carefully.

2. We use plastic bags which we seal with adhesive tape so the goods can not get wet, mold or dirty.

3. In order to produce less or avoid unnecessary waste, we usually use soft paper envelopes instead of cardboard boxes. If you wish otherwise, please send us a note within the order or send an email to ““. In our experience soft paper parcels also often pass customs faster or easier than hard cardboard boxes.

4. A Customs Declaration will be filled out and attached outside the parcel. If you wish, we can also attach a receipt outside on the parcel (as some countries might demand that), please let us know.

5. In order to be able to use the less expensive “International Small Packet Air” (not available in the US) which is limited to 2 kg (in Italy only 1 kg), we occasionally might split your order into multiple parcels if necessary. If you don’t wish that and want us to pack the whole order in one box, please let us know, but please also be aware of your countries free import limitations.

shipping costs

For more transparency and due to diverse shipping costs and shipping methods worldwide, all product prices do not include shipping costs anymore.

You can select your destination country in the shopping cart (or during the checkout) so the available shipping methods including prices and total end prices will be indicated.

If you believe that the shipping prices are incorrect or if you know of a better (less expensive) way of shipping to your country, please let us know!

shipping / delivery

1. We basically send goods by priority airmail. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic though shipping to some countries is only possible via surface mail. There are also a few countries where shipping is currently not possible at all.

Please check in the following list which regulation applies for your country.

Airmail is (since 02. June 2020) possible again to the following countries:

Austria, Belgium, Bhutan, Brazil, China, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Korea (South), Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA.

No airmail, so only Surface Mail (sea and land routes) is possible to:

Canada, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Norway, Taiwan.

To all countries that are not listed here, no shipping is currently possible.

Regardless of the shipping method, we always send registered (certified) mail. We will provide you with the registration / shipping code and other relevant information. Should you not receive any such mail from us, please check your spam!

2. The receipt of each registered shipment must be countersigned by the recipient. By registering (barcode), goods and service are insured and therefore an official investigation by the postal company is possible. Also, Thailand Post offers a “Track & Trace” (Tracking) of the shipment, although some postal companies are rather slow or lazy providing or updating the data, and the Thailand Post itself is responsible only for updating the data within Thailand.
For “Tracking YOUR Shipment”, please click here!

3. We strive hard to provide the fastest possible processing and dispatch, usually within a working day after the receipt of payment on our PayPal account.

4. We ship directly from Thailand with Thailand Post (which proved to be exemplary and reliable and with which we have made only good experiences over many years) – delivery usually takes about 2 weeks (during this time of COVID-19 though, you should take significant delays into account!). This period is, however, highly dependent on the national postal company in the recipient country. The mentioned 2 weeks are a guideline, not a guaranteed commitment. We (unfortunately) have no effect or authority on the postal companies and their processing and delivery of mailings.

5. On Saturday afternoons, Sundays and national holidays, the Thailand Post is closed.

6. The shipping with other companies (e.g. UPS, DHL, …) is probably available upon request, though only after additional payment for the much higher postage costs. In most recent cases I found the shipping costs for FedEx, DHL, UPS unacceptably high. If you do know any reasonable services, please let us know.

7. Express shipping is also possible, but only at special request and usually with a considerable surcharge (which unfortunately is often disproportionate to the price of the items ordered).

Canadian Post – It seems that the Canadian Post has its own specific policy concerning parcels from Asia. They even allegedly admitted to deliberately delay those parcels because they don’t make any profit. The average shipping time from Asia to a recipient in Canada seems to be about 3 months (although there is no guarantee even for that)! So I emphatically ask all Canadians for patience and please don’t blame the sender (us) for any delay.

Germany – Shipments to Germany seem also often to be delayed either by the German Customs or prior to that in the IPZ (int. post center). The German Post and German Customs also often seem ignorant to inquiries. A delivery time of more than a month is not even rare, but in the end all parcels have been delivered sooner or later so far. We kindly ask for your understanding that we have no influence on those matters.

Thank you.


1. In general, there are no customs charges / customs duty for shipments of low value parcels “international small packet air”, as the upper limit for duty-free import is rarely exceeded. But should you make a bigger order, please check the regulations of your home country prior to your order, as only you (the recipient) is responsible for the import.

2. For other import duties, as the import sales tax, there are usually also free limits (FOB), depending on the import laws of the recipient country.

3. The regulations and the amount of free allowances (FOB) vary from country to country, please inform yourself about the regulations and provisions in your country. These free limits might well be exceeded, so be aware that import taxes might occur.

5. It is generally established that customs and import in any case be solely the responsibility of the recipient. Possible costs for imports shall be borne by the purchaser / recipient.

We recommend strongly to inform yourself about the import regulations of your country before making an order.

If you wish us to handle customs preparations / fill out the customs declaration in a particular way, please let us know!

Returns & replacements

1. In any case where we made any mistake we certainly take full responsibility to replace the goods at our expense or pay back the full amount of your payment. A photo to prove our mistake might occasionally be demanded.

2. If you receive a damaged parcel, or if the parcel already has been opened (e.g. by the customs) please ask the postman (or supplier, customs officer, …) to be present as a witness when you open the parcel. This will make sure, you can demand compensation (from the post or the customs).

Returns (if not caused by a mistake on our part)

1. Due to the high shipping costs and our low product prices, we unfortunately can not offer “free” returns.

2. If you want to return goods, you will have to pay for the sending back and we can only return the product price and not the shipping costs for the first shipping. The refund will be paid back via PayPal only AFTER we received the returned goods and only if the goods are untainted.

Replacements (if not caused by a mistake on our part)

1. For the same reason (high shipping costs) we can not offer free replacements of goods.

2. Apart from vague dimensions like S, M, L, XL, … we always give more accurate and specific dimensions for every product and every size. Please make sure to compare those given dimensions (width and length) with a well fitting item at home.

3. If you want to have some goods replaced (as long as we haven’t sent the wrong item, size or color), you will have to pay for both, the sending back of the received item(s) and for the new shipment. The shipping costs altogether though might be quite high, so you should consider this very well.

In any case if you should be discontent with our products, please let us know. We are convinced to sell a product of high quality and we will always be open for solutions that both sides can agree on. Just send an email to ““.