We are offering 2 different long women cargo pants models and 1 short (hot pants) model. The 3 long models are the “Voge” 45062 and the “Lady Traveler” 45038, which seem to be the most popular Molecule Lady models anyway. Most other women models have unfortunately been discontinued by Molecule.
45038 “Lady Traveler”
This model is a typical long Molecule cargo pants with the convenient wide legs (baggy style) and 6 big pockets including 2 cargo pockets. This model is available in safari green and in carbon black.
45062 “Vogue”
This flared pants model though is slim (and so are the pockets). The look has a similar touch, but more stylish or fashionable. It has got 7 pockets in total. We can offer this model in 3 colors: safari green, carbon black and light khaki cream.

Molecule Long Cargo Pants Women:

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