After receiving your order and payment, we usually send your order within 24 hours (except Saturday afternoons, Sundays and holidays).

Nous contactons toujours nos clients par email and provide shipping / tracking number, tracking websites and other order and shipping related information. Should you NOT RECEIVE such email, please check your Spam and Junk folders. If there is no email in your Spam, please contact us:

La numéro d'expédition / d'enregistrement / de suivi usually a 13-digit code that looks like this:
RR123456789TH, LX123456789TH, CP123456789TH, EE123456789TH, …

We recommend using the Thailand Post Tracking website:

Here are some links to alternative tracking websites that should work as well:


You should also be able to track the shipment on the tracking website of your national postal service, such as USPS, LaPoste, RoyalMail, Australia-Post, Canada-Post, … although sometimes this service may only work after the item has been processed for the final delivery.

Note: Tracking is only possible within Thailand and after the item has been processed by the national postal service in the destination country. In some countries is seems to be custom to wait and leave parcels for a certain time before they are finally processed.

Only for Courier Post (DHL Express) shipments: these parcels are getting an intern DHL identification number AFTER we dispatch them, so we only have the Thailand Post identification/shipping number available, which works just fine on the Thailand Post tracking, but not on DHL (nor on alternative) websites.

Si vous avez des questions, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter directement. Meilleure réponse (be careful i think there's a typo in the english version. What do you wanna say?) à notre email avec votre commande et les informations d'expédition ou écrivez un nouvel email à: