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Molecule cargo pantsMolecule Pants

The concept is to use the prototype of army pants, maintaining its reliability and durability, and turn them into pants with a more casual appearance, which is also perfectly suitable for travelers, workers and all kind of situations. Therefore Molecule cargo pants have quickly become very popular, explaining the continued expansion of customers and sellers/distributors all over the world.

These modern cargo pants look cool and are very practical. Molecule cargo pants are very well made with firm seams and of resilient long lasting 100% cotton fabric.

Their style is a classic timeless design and mostly baggy, so you feel comfortable and have the necessary leg space that make these trousers particularly popular among travelers, hikers, assembling, labor or craft workers, outdoor venturers, adventurers, campers, open air festival and party people and globetrotters. These are great trousers for everyone and suit all kinds of work, leisure and outside activities.

Why Molecule Cargo Pants are popular:

  • The high quality in fabric and processing make these pants durable and hard-wearing.
  • They are convenient and functional with many big pockets.
  • The designs are timeless but modernly tailored, usually a little baggy.
  • All Molecule pants are made of 100% cotton and fit for washing-machine.
  • No ironing is necessary, the fabric flattens itself while wearing.
  • We offer these trousers for a very low price, given their good quality and durability.

Typical for cargo pants:

The solid and hard-wearing quality of the fabric which is made of 100% cotton. The firm and durable seams which make these pants a reliable and long lasting companion. And last but not least, as the name implies, the many big pockets to store all kind of practical stuff. Depending on the model of the trousers you will have 6-9 different pockets.

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We distribute

We distribute Molecule cargo pants directly from Thailand and buy from the (one and only) original manufacturer in Bangkok. Molecule – Cool Fusion Clothings is a registered Thai brand since 1998.

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Molecule Cargo Pants
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